Why I sold my 2017 JKU for a 2021 Jeep Gladiator!

If you've been following me on instagram, you know that I've been wanting the jeep gladiator since it came out last year. I wanted to buy it as soon as they came out but things didn't go as planned, the pandemic happened and I just couldn't afford it at the time. That being said i bought a 2017 JKU sport instead.

2017 Jeep JKU

I lifted it, put wheels, tires, fenders, etc. and even re-geared it all within a month or two of owning it. I was happy with it for awhile but then i started to get bored with it.... I didn't like how small it was, I wasn't happy with the lift kit I went with, and i just wanted to rebuild it and start over.

I started to throw around the idea of rebuilding it the way i wanted, but part of me was scared i still wouldn't be happy with the build because it wasn't the gladiator. I sat on the idea for a while but finally in January i listed my JKU for sale.

What I didn't Like about my JKU

  • The Lack of power it had (even after the re-gear and tune)

  • The small radio

  • The Pro comp lift i put on it (HORRIBLE off-road)

jeep jk on 35s and 4 inch lift

When i first listed it i for sure thought it would sell quickly. But being on the road and traveling full-time made selling it difficult. After a month or so of it not selling i started thinking that maybe it wasn't selling for a reason and that getting a new jeep just wasn't in the plans for me right now. I just kept a positive mindset and knew that everything would work out when the time was right. And guess what? it did.

Since my jeep wasn't selling private party, i decided that i was just gonna trade it in at a dealership. Even though i knew they weren't gonna give me close to what i wanted. I wanted a gladiator so bad that i was going to settle for $24k from a dealership on a jeep that's well worth over $35k.

Lifted jeep wrangler granite crystal

Flash forward to the night before we were leaving for Vegas to get my Gladiator. I was at the gym and I get a call from a guy who says he's in the parking lot, saw my for sale sign, and that he's a cash buyer. I immediately get super excited but wasn't getting my hopes up because I was used to people just asking me about it, but weren't actually serious about buying it.

So after my workout i meet him at my jeep, he asks a few questions, gives me a deposit and we had a deal! He wants the jeep as soon as possible so we meet up the next day and then off to Vegas James and I went!

Because I didn't wanna waste my time or get ripped off, I called a few dealers and tried working out a deal over the phone. There was only 1 dealership out of idk how many i called that was actually willing to work with me and didn't stop answering when negotiating came about.

Jeep Only in Las Vegas is where i got my Gladiator and i could be happier! The dealership gave me the jeep for an amazing price and even threw in a gladiator hoodie ;)

Meet Raven! He's a 2021 Jeep Gladiator 80th Anniversary edition.

I traded in my 2017 JKU for a 2021 Jeep gladiator

Things I Love about my Gladiator that my JKU didn't have

  • Huge touchscreen radio with NAV

  • Added lockable storage under the seats

  • Perforated seats

  • GPS tracking

  • The truck bed (hehe)

  • The longer wheel base makes it drive like a dream

  • Remote Start

  • AUX switches already installed

  • Dana 44's in front and rear